Blended sourcing

Blended sourcing

Blended Sourcing

Within your time and budget

You want to make a difference in the market with a reliable and flexible IT solution. But will your budget stretch far enough? And how can you be sure that your solution will be delivered within the agreed time and cost? Componence works on the basis of blended sourcing. Your guarantee of punctual delivery at the lowest possible price.

Competitive prices

Componence develops software at competitive prices. We offer you the possibility of using qualified IT professionals on location, nearshore or offshore. This enables us to deal flexibly with peaks and dips in your capacity. In this way, you can cut costs without making concessions to quality.

Professionals from the Netherlands and India

A project team consists of three or four professionals from India, who are supervised by Dutch architects and a full-time or part-time project manager. Componence has many years of experience with this way of working. Our transparent project management procedures fit in with both waterfall and agile development methods.