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Analysis and improvement with Valamis

Naturally, your organization wants training and other learning processes to be as effective as possible. You will therefore also want to pay attention to analyzing and improving your workforce development models. Valamis can help you do this. The Learning Experience Platform brings your learning strategies to life with an attractive digital environment that supports practically all forms of learning. This includes collaboration and the latest teaching methods, such as phenomenon-based learning.

Personalized learning paths

With Valamis, you can lay out personalized learning paths, in which users are in control of their own learning process and development. Because they can learn anytime, anywhere and from any device, the training costs of your organization will drop substantially. You can give and receive feedback at any time, wherever in the world your users are located. Valamis is a flexible solution, which can be geared completely to suit the specific needs of your organization.

xAPI and LRS

Valamis makes it possible to measure and analyze all learning activities within your organization. The combination of Experience API (xAPI) and integrated Learning Record Store (LRS) standards results in a powerful learning analytics engine. All relevant learning data, including data from social learning, informal learning and practical experience, is collected by xAPI. LRS receives and stores this information and makes it available to users and management. This provides a clear overview at all times of progress and performance.

Integrated into Liferay DXP

Valamis can be seamlessly integrated into the Liferay Digital Experience Platform. An updated version of Valamis is released every three months. So you always use the best possible learning platform. Valamis is included in Gartner's 2016 Market Guide for Corporate Learning Suites, an overview of suppliers of corporate learning solutions that is based on extensive and detailed knowledge of the market.


  • Analysis and improvement of workforce development models
  • Learning environment focused on collaboration
  • Learning can take place anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • Measurement and analysis of learning activities, including social and informal learning

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