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Greater returns with Valamis

It is important for your organization to analyze and develop learning processes and competencies – just like every other aspect of business operation. If you can identify the weaknesses and risks in relation to training and development, then you can also improve the effectiveness of these processes. Valamis Learning Experience Platform helps your organization to increase the productivity and the returns of your learning activities.

Multi-device and measurable

With Valamis, your users can access the learning environment anytime, anywhere and from any device. This can cut the training costs of your organization substantially. The platform enables you to measure and analyze all learning activities, including social learning. Powerful analytics based on Experience API (xAPI) and integrated Learning Record Store (LRS) standards make sure that you can monitor, understand and improve the learning process of every user.


Obviously, you wish to maintain a clear overview of your digital working environment. But the use of a variety of systems - ERP, CRM and LMS – often makes the management of this information a complicated task. Valamis supports efficient implementation of your digital working environment and facilitates effective data management, among other things. This also helps your organization to meet the requirements of legislation and regulations (compliance).

Integrated into Liferay DXP

Valamis can be seamlessly integrated into the Liferay Digital Experience Platform. An updated version of Valamis is released every three months. So you always use the best possible learning platform. Valamis is included in Gartner's 2016 Market Guide for Corporate Learning Suites, an overview of suppliers of corporate learning solutions that is based on extensive and detailed knowledge of the market.


  • Latest learning pedagogies
  • Support in meeting compliance requirements
  • Powerful learning analytics
  • Analytics provide seamless audit trail
  • Safe saving and storage of learning dossiers and competencies

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