Competence development

Working on competencies with Valamis

Your organization does not create value, your employees do! A strong personnel policy and focused development of competencies are therefore essential for your organization. Are you looking for new personnel? Are you drawing up procedures for newcomers? Do you maintain databases with skills and competencies? Then discover the possibilities of Valamis – Learning Experience Platform. Digital, versatile and flexible.

Social and informal learning

Valamis offers a digital learning environment that you can easily integrate into the daily routine within your organization. The platform offers possibilities for social and informal learning, in which knowledge can be shared throughout the organization. In addition, Valamis is simple to use and visually attractive. The Dashboard enables users to see their own learning paths or those of colleagues at a glance. The most important advantage is that your employees have access to the lesson material at any time and from any device.

Comprehensible analytics

With Valamis, you can reduce your organization’s training costs significantly, while stimulating the development of your employees with an inspiring learning process. Naturally, you will also want to find out about the effectiveness of the teaching methods you use. With Experience API (xAPI) and Learning Record Store (LRS) standards, Valamis provides powerful and comprehensible analytics that make it possible to optimize the learning process of every user.

Valamis Lesson Tool

Valamis can also play a valuable and effective role in your procedures for new employees. Introductory programs – like all other desired material – can be developed and shared easily with the Valamis Lesson Tool. Users can also create materials themselves. This can help you to involve them in your organization as much as possible right from day 1.


  • Reduction of training costs with an effective digital learning environment
  • Documentation, monitoring and reviewing of social and informal learning
  • Access to the lesson material at any time from any device
  • Experience API (xAPI) and Learning Record Store (LRS) for optimization of the learning process

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