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Mobile security platform

Cybercrime via smartphones and tablets is the order of the day. This means mobile security is increasingly important, particularly in the financial sector and in healthcare. In other sectors, too, the security of personal data and transactions is an issue that demands attention. How do you guarantee the safe use of your mobile app? Componence recommends the Onegini mobile security platform, for the best user experience and the highest level of security.

Biometric authentication and two-factor authentication

With Onegini, your app users can log in with a PIN-code or using biometric authentication based on fingerprints, facial recognition or voice recognition. In addition, your mobile app can act as a second authenticator for your web environment. This makes two-factor authentication a safe and user-friendly solution, which also promotes the use of your mobile app.

Advantages of Onegini

  • Personal information can be accessed securely
  • Safe and simple log-in
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Additional security measures: tampering detection, jailbreak/root detection, debug detection and payload encryption

Find out more

Componence is a business partner of Onegini. We regularly link this supplier’s security solutions to our native apps on the basis of Liferay Screens. To find out more, watch the video clips below and contact us.