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Smartphone and tablet

Using smartphones or tablets to access the internet is becoming increasingly frequent. With a good mobile application, you can give your customers the best possible service and keep ahead of your competitors. But which is the best operating system or mobile device to choose? Which existing applications will you integrate with? Which functionalities will you use? Componence can advise you. We will help you reach more people and generate more turnover with an affordable app.

Android and iPhone

Componence builds cost-efficient applications for any mobile platform, while specializing in Android and iPhone adaptations. HTML5 provides a generic development platform which supports multiple device types; separate application designs for different types of device are now a thing of the past.

Successful mobile app

Componence can help you develop a successful mobile application which takes full advantage of all mobile device features, delivering a unique and personal customer experience. Due to the specific interface, a one-to-one copy of a web application is unlikely to succeed.