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Magento eCommerce


Flexible webshop

Magento eCommerce enables you to keep increasing your revenue from online sales. Whether you are a newcomer to the web marketplace or already own an enormous webshop, this scalable system gives you the flexibility to grow. It is designed to make sure your products are easily found by search engines such as Google.

Safe and user friendly

Magento eCommerce is simple to integrate into your business infrastructure. It will provide you with numerous effective tools for marketing and merchandising. The webshop reflects the look-and-feel of your brand and is completely harmonized with your product catalogue. Your user-friendly, secure site offers features such as extensive search options and call center functionality.

Integrated with Liferay Portal

By successfully combining Magento eCommerce and Liferay Portal, Componence has created a powerful and versatile solution suitable for online stores of any size. Componence will be happy to build the Liferay Magento Portlet Suite for you, increasing your conversion rate by connecting content with products while keeping costs to a minimum.

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