Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition

Service and support

What does Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition offer you? The assurance of professional service and support, now and in the future. And maximum uptime guaranteed by features such as redundancy, failover and load balancing. We will be happy to discuss the specific possibilities for your organization and budget with you in person. Componence can offer licenses at a competitive rate.

Security and stability

Liferay Portal EE combines the benefits of open source innovation with low risk and optimal stability. As a Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition license holder, you will benefit from security patches made available through regular service packs on the customer network, ensuring the highest level of security and reliability.

Excellent performance

Are speed and scalability important requirements for your system? Then Liferay Portal EE is the ideal configuration for you. Extensive tests on large application servers and databases have shown that this solution still performs excellently under heavy load.

Exclusive EE functionality

As a license holder you have access to exclusive Enterprise Edition features through the Marketplace:

  • Auditing
  • Single Sign On SAML/CAS
  • ClusterLink  (EE Clustering)
  • Kaleo (workflow)
  • Server Management
  • Reporting

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