Liferay Consulting Services

Liferay Consulting Services

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Liferay Consulting Services

Liferay Consulting Services

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Make use of comprehensive Liferay expertise - if you work with Liferay’s expert developers and architects, your technical staff will acquire the product knowledge and development skills they need to maximize your ROI. In this way, you can ensure that your solution is up and running quickly, and be assured of great stability and optimum performance. The more you profit from all the features of Liferay Portal, the sooner your existing and future IT investments will repay themselves.

Why Liferay Consulting Services?

Working with the Liferay experts offers the following advantages:

  • Low risk The Liferay specialists have a proven track record for delivering business value. They can evaluate your systems quickly and identify any performance risks.
  • Low cost With extensive knowledge of the out-of-the-box functionality and the product roadmap of Liferay, they will help you keep the completion time of your project as short as possible and the cost of expensive customization as low as possible.
  • High quality The Liferay experts are specialized in the development of best-in-class solutions. They have proved this time and again for leading customers in every sector.
  • In the Netherlands There are also Liferay specialists available in the Netherlands. They are aware of local issues and concerns.

Liferay consulting options

  • Upgrade Analysis Determination of the added value of an upgrade and definition of the roadmap to the most recent version of our platform, with more options and less customization.
  • Kick Start Your project will get a good start if you work with the Liferay experts. They are familiar with your existing platform and the roadmap. This will generate money for you, now and in the future.
  • Go-Live This gives you the guarantee that your solution is ready to go live. An advantage of specific attention to performance and stability tuning.
  • On Demand A Liferay expert is at your disposal on a part-time basis if necessary. Fixed contact moments will take the development and decisions about architecture to a higher level.
  • Full Lifecycle A cross-functional Liferay team will be responsible for end-to-end delivery of the product.
  • Managed Services Hosting and management of your Liferay solution and professional services to increase the value of your investment.

Find out more

The Liferay consultants will be pleased to work with your team on a unique solution for your business.
Please contact us for more information.


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    First Liferay Platinum Partner in the Netherlands, the ideal contact address for Liferay customers

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