Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Liferay Digital Experience Platform

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Liferay Digital Experience Platform

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Communicate with your target group

Your customers set high requirements for the contact with your organization. They expect you to communicate with them better and more often, and to make things easy for them with the best solutions. The new Liferay Digital Experience Platform has been designed to help you with this. The basis is the portal structure of Liferay, which provides the integration of your backend systems and a solid framework for a personalized user experience.

Digital experience

Liferay DXP aims to provide your customers with a digital experience that fits in perfectly with their personal behavior, history and profile. And the Audience Targeting App, for example, ensures that you can make the right content available at exactly the right moment. Because all your backend systems are connected, your customers will experience a consistent and uniform user journey right from the very first contact, on every device and via every application.

From customer relationship to customer loyalty

Move your focus to your target group – this is the message of the new Liferay DXP. The platform promises to give you a complete insight into your customer from within your different systems. This means your sales, marketing, support and service teams can work together in a focused manner on strong customer relationships. Because the more you make use of all your resources and departments to serve your customers, the earlier you can count on customer loyalty.

Liferay DXP vs. Enterprise Edition

The Liferay Digital Experience Platform naturally shows similarities to Liferay Enterprise Edition 6.2. Nevertheless, features such as the support for Liferay Screens, Audience Targeting and Liferay Sync mean that it is above all a new and significantly broader product, completely geared to the business challenges of our time. The integration of elements from Social Office also makes DXP more interesting as a communication platform than 6.2 ever was.

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