Atlassian BitBucket

Git solution for professional teams

Naturally, you want your teams to carry out their projects as quickly and effectively as possible. So you will certainly be familiar with the advantages of distributed version control (DVCS). Bitbucket from Atlassian can also be scaled up effortlessly and continues to give the best possible performance even under the heaviest load. From small assignments to megaprojects, with this Git solution your teams will really be able to work together without problems.

Flexible deployment models

Bitbucket provides an effective system for code reviews, in which you can hold discussions in the heart of the source code using inline comments. With an unlimited number of repositories and various flexible deployment models, Bitbucket can meet the requirements of every team. Componence is Atlassian Expert and will be pleased to help you discover why more than 450,000 teams and 3 million developers already make use of this tool.

More features

  • Refined rights system
  • Compare versions during code review
  • JIRA Software integration
  • Team management
  • Integration of external parties
  • Build integration
  • SourceTree desktop application

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