Componence launches native mobile app with Liferay Screens

Mobile first! This is the motto under which healthcare provider Philadelphia recently introduced the native mobile intranet app Phlink. This means mobile has now become the dominant platform in the communication with the organization’s 8,000+ employees. Componence developed Phlink for Android and iOS on the basis of Liferay Screens.

Complete mobile intranet

With Phlink, Philadelphia can provide its employees with news that is geared to suit their role in the organization. It is also possible to search for colleagues and locations. In addition, Phlink offers relevant information on issues such as protocols and care leave. The contents and the look-and-feel of the app match up perfectly with Philadelphia’s subsequently developed Liferay intranet.

Liferay Screens

Componence built Phlink using the Liferay Screens development tool. This tool works with visual elements – Screenlets – that use the Liferay content and web services for native apps. An important advantage of this solution is that the content for all devices and interfaces is provided by the same platform: the Liferay Digital Experience Platform.

Native mobile app

With Phlink, Philadelphia is satisfying the wishes of contemporary users who prefer to make use of mobile devices. This native app means they no longer have to make concessions where speed or user-friendliness are concerned. From the native Phlink app on their smartphones to the Philadelphia intranet on their desktops, they experience a uniform user journey, which is accessible by means of a single login (SSO).

Biometric Authentication

It goes without saying that the information in Phlink is solely available to Philadelphia personnel. The app makes use of a secure login method based on AD/LDAP and SAML. In the near future, this will be linked to a sophisticated solution from Onegini for biometric authentication in the form of facial recognition. As a result, logging in will be not only more secure, but also easier than ever.

The best from yourself with Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a major national healthcare provider with a head office in Amersfoort and about 800 small-scale locations throughout the country. In total, some 8,000 employees help more than 8,000 clients. Philadelphia provides tailor-made care and its aim, based on Christian principles, is to help people with a mental disability to live as happily as possible and to get the best from themselves.

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