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Parnassia Groep is a modern mental health care organization offering treatment to 168.000 patients in the Rotterdam area, including the Zuid-Holland islands, as well as the Haaglanden area and Castricum area. With eight care centers and more than 8900 employees Parnassia Groep is one of the largest care providers in the Netherlands.

Parnassia Groep is looking to drastically reform and modernize the existing health care infrastructure, aiming for a more efficient and effective system by combining e-health with face-to-face contacts. This should result in patients receiving better treatment against lower costs and should be achieved in 2013.


Parnassia Groep wants to build a brand new platform offering innovative care to patients and uniform support to individual care providers and administrative assistants.  

The new platform should allow for multiple websites and various portals which will be tailored to the needs of the target audiences and follow groups. Standard solutions and the reuse of existing functionalities will lead to the desired cost-effectiveness result. 

These innovations will be integrated in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment, where responsibility is shared between the various suppliers. All parties involved work according to strict release cycles and standards, while Parnassia Group will have the ultimate control.


Whilst exploring various solutions, Parnassia Groep opts for Liferay Portal and selects Componence as their preferred portal partner based on their extensive experience with Liferay implementations.

The Liferay team at Componence advises Parnassia Groep with the purchase of the Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition and completes the implementation and layout of the software. Several templates are built and existing creative designs are turned into Liferay Portal layouts, themes and branding while support and training is offered to the designers of the graphic interface. Furthermore, the Liferay architects define guidelines for the development, deployment and maintenance as well as judge the portlets created by the application suppliers. Componence will complete the development of the generic portal functionalities and enable access to the CMS.

The next phase will involve implementation and design of the portals for the specific target audiences and follow groups. As a portal partner, Componence will remain responsible for the security, stability and availability of the solution.


Componence implemented this project on the basis of Liferay Portal, the well-known open source enterprise portal platform for websites, intranet and extranet. Componence is the first Liferay Platinum Partner in the Netherlands.

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