Webinar! Read Mobile First with Liferay Screens - part 4

Mobile Strategy: Optimizing for the Connected Customer

On 4 April, from 16.00 to 17.00 CET, senior Liferay portal solution consultant Maarten van Heiningen and lead mobile software engineer José Manuel Navarro will give a webinar on the native mobile app development tool Liferay Screens. 'Mobile Strategy: Optimizing for the Connected Customer' is a must-see for anyone who is interested in a mobile app in combination with Liferay. In anticipation of the webinar, part 4 of our blog series Mobile First with Liferay Screens appears today.

Uniform customer journey with DXP

Many organizations wish to offer their customers or personnel a consistent digital world that also extends to their smartphone and tablet. Liferay DXP was developed in order to create this uniform customer journey. With Liferay Screens, we can directly access the standard Liferay features from within a native app. This means the content and functionality for all devices is provided by the same platform. The great strength of this tool is supplied by the screenlets, reusable components comparable with plug-ins.

Webinar and Componence app demo

What are the advantages of a native mobile app based on Liferay Screens? What possibilities are offered by the screenlets that have already been developed by Componence and Liferay? And what does the future look like for our mobile apps? Maarten van Heiningen will tell you on 4 April, and will show you a demo of the Componence app. José Manuel Navarro from Liferay will focus in more detail on the technical aspects of Liferay Screens.

Find out more

Read our complete blog on Liferay.com and register for the webinar 'Mobile Strategy: Optimizing for the Connected Customer' on 4 April, 16.00 – 17.00 CET. For more information, please contact us on sales@componence.nl or +31(0)20 44 99 560.