Release of Valamis Learning Experience Platform 3.2 EE

Arcusys launches Valamis 3.2 - Learning Experience Platform

Open source specialist Arcusys recently launched Valamis 3.2 EE – Learning Experience Platform. This version offers both improved and new features for effective digital learning - in a personalized social-learning environment and with measurable results. Valamis – Learning Experience Platform is an innovative learning management system (LMS), which is completely integrated in Liferay.

Learning Report and Training Events

The new portlets Learning Report and Training Event are aimed at giving the learning process greater depth. They also increase the options for analyzing this process. Learning Report registers exactly which lessons, pages and questions a user has viewed. Their progress and results are displayed in an interactive table. The Training Event portlet makes it possible to add an – offline – workshop or seminar to the calendar and to log the participation in this event.

Renewed Course portlets

The existing Course portlets have been improved and provided with extra features and settings for customization. The Course Manager, for example, now includes numerous new fields for detailed course data and additional information. The updated Course Browser can now inform users about any maximum number of course participants and show details of the waiting list if this number has been reached. If any conditions apply for taking a course, then users can also see immediately whether and to what extent they satisfy these.

Another new feature is the possibility of keeping users informed of the latest news about the course using e-mail notifications.


Valamis supplier Arcusys is a forerunner in the digitization of learning. From its head office in Joensuu (Finland) and a total of five branches in Finland, the US and Russia, the company serves major organizations in both the public and the private sector. Research and advisory company Gartner included Arcusys as Representative Vendor in the Market Guide for Corporate Learning Suites 2016.

Componence is an Arcusys business partner. We offer enterprise support and first-line support in the Benelux. In close cooperation with Arcusys, we developed a Liferay Social Office intranet with integrated Valamis eLearning environment for Hivos.

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