Mobile First with Liferay Screens – part 1

Have you already realized that mobile is the number 1 communication platform these days? And that users make high demands of your organization in this respect? In our three-part blog series Mobile First with Liferay Screens, we will show you why Liferay Screens is the indispensable link in every mobile strategy based on Liferay. Part one appears today. 

Native mobile app development

Liferay Screens is the native mobile app development tool that forms part of the new Liferay Digital Experience Platform. The tool makes it possible to connect directly with the standard facilities of Liferay from an iOS app or an Android app. The advantage of this is that the content and functionality for all devices and application interfaces is provided by the same platform.

Liferay Screens explained by Componence

Uniform user journey

With Liferay Screens, you can offer your users a uniform user journey, from desktop and portal to smartphone and mobile app. Componence recently developed a native mobile app for healthcare provider Philadelphia. We will be happy to help your organization, too, to get a head start in the development of mobile apps that satisfy all the requirements and wishes of today’s users.

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