Looking back on a successful Liferay & Valamis DSF

Liferay & Valamis Digital Solutions Forum March 17 2016

The Liferay & Valamis Digital Solutions Forum will take place in Culemborg, Gelderland (NL) during the afternoon of Thursday 17 March. A meeting about the latest trends in digital business transformation, open source and the most recent technology for eLearning. Componence is Liferay Platinum Partner and business partner of Valamis. We are sponsoring the Liferay & Valamis DSF and cordially invite you to attend this informative event.

Hands-on demos and case presentations

The program includes hands-on Liferay-Valamis demos and case presentations. Among the speakers are Ruud Kluivers of Liferay Benelux and Järi Järvelä of Valamis-developer Arcusys. Bram Kersbergen, online coordinator at Hivos, will share his experiences from the perspective of a customer. In close cooperation with Arcusys, Componence implemented a Liferay Social Office intranet with integrated Valamis eLearning environment for Hivos.

Expert Exchange

At the end of the afternoon, all attendees can take part in Expert Exchange groups. The ideal opportunity to talk to experts in the field of digital business transformation, open source and eLearning, one of whom is Maarten van Heiningen of Componence. Participants will discuss best practices, exchange ideas and ask and answer questions. The goal is to learn with and from each other, challenge each other and acquire new insights.


If you would like to attend the Liferay & Valamis Digital Solutions Forum on 17 March from 12.00 until 18.00, then you can register here. Participation is free of charge. We will be pleased to welcome you in Culemborg, on the Anckerwaerdt estate.

Find out more

See www.liferay.com/ldsf-benelux or contact Componence via sales@componence.nl. Or of course, you can always phone us: +31(0)20 44 99 560.
For more information about Liferay and Valamis eLearning, see www.liferay.com and valamis.arcusys.com.

Maarten van Heiningen at the Liferay & Valamis DSF 2016

Componence can look back on a successful Liferay & Valamis Digital Solutions Forum. More than fifty enthusiastic guests visited this inspiring event based on eLearning, business digitization and open source. The participants came from various organizations in both the public and the private sector. The Liferay & Valamis DSF took place in Culemborg on 17 March.

Clear business cases

The afternoon was opened by ICT advisor Wilfred Rubens, whose keynote speech described the possibilities of social eLearning. This was followed by informative customer presentations about the phenomenon-based learning environment of the Finnish PKKY and the worldwide roll-out of the eLearning platform and certification system of the Swedish Abloy.

Jyri Pötri, senior consultant at Arcusys, focused on the Valamis for Liferay implementation of Phillips-Medisize Finland. This platform provides the company with a solution to various compliance issues and also yields a substantial saving of 1.7 million euros per year.

Case: Dokter A. Verschoorschool

Advisor Jan-Pieter Breugem, managing director of TrippleA, spoke on behalf of the Dokter A. Verschoorschool in Nunspeet. He showed that Valamis for Liferay can also enhance the life of individuals. This school for special needs education uses the learning environment to provide personalized lessons and remote teaching, for example for autistic children. Teachers have access to user-friendly tools for developing their lesson material and to provide pupils with tailor-made coaching and support.

View the complete presentation about the learning environment implemented bij Componence for the Verschoorschool.

Popular demo sessions

There was also considerable interest in the Valamis eLearning for Liferay demo sessions. Participants were introduced to the versatile functionality of this affordable integral solution. Valamis is completely integrated into Liferay Portal. The platform was developed by open source specialist Arcusys, which has now implemented Valamis for various international educational institutions and commercial organizations.

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Componence is Liferay Platinum Partner and business partner of Arcusys. Would you like to know what the powerful combination of Liferay and Valamis could mean for your organization? Please contact us via sales@componence.nl or by phone on +31(0)20 44 99 560. More information about Valamis can be found on valamis.arcusys.com.

Componence was a sponsor of the Liferay & Valamis DSF 2016

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