Intrexx can improve SharePoint

Intrexx vs SharePoint

Intrexx supplier United Planet aims to improve SharePoint. Integration with Intrexx portal software can eliminate the typical inconveniences of Microsoft’s frequently used collaboration platform. The goal is to make SharePoint not just more dynamic, but also more user-friendly and cheaper to maintain.

SharePoint: powerful and complex

SharePoint is a powerful and versatile solution for intranet, collaboration and content management. Many organizations benefit from this, but a disadvantage is that modifications to this complex system almost always need to be carried out by experts. This can easily turn out very expensive. And the more modifications are made, the more complicated – and so even more expensive – it becomes to update the solution.

Intrexx: flexible and cost-efficient

United Planet aims to combine the strengths of SharePoint - in the field of ECM, for example – with the flexibility of Intrexx. Linking with Intrexx workflows and applications results in a dynamic platform, which can be adapted easily and cost-effectively to the specific wishes and requirements of users. The possibilities for data integration will also increase. By keeping close to the standard configuration of SharePoint, the cost of maintenance and updates for this system will be reduced considerably.

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