Back to school with Valamis 2.4

Back to school met Valamis

The Finnish open source specialist Arcusys started the academic year well with the release of Valamis eLearning 2.4. This version has a completely new dashboard and has been expanded to include several practical features. This enables Valamis partner Componence to again raise the level of its service in the field of online learning.

New dashboard

The new Valamis Dashboard provides users with statistical information about their personal learning program, such as lessons completed, goals achieved and certificates awarded. The Valamis Activity portlet provides scope for sharing this information with other users and for social activities such as ‘likes’ and posting status updates.

New curriculum tool: Phenomenizer

With Phenomenizer Studio, teachers can put together a story on the basis of the course material. Students see what they need to learn to understand the story and this gives them more understanding of the link between the various lesson components. Phenomenizer Report is a tool for making learning results more visible and analyzing these.

'Skills database'

The portlets Competences Administration and My Competences together form a unique tool for managing competences. Personnel or students record information about their skills, capabilities and experience, so that managers, tutors or supervisors have a 'skills database' at their disposal.

Valamis eLearning 2.4 has been further optimized for mobile devices. Once designed, lessons can easily be exported to the Lesson Studio, which offers new possibilities for inserting a video, a PDF file, a PPTX-presentation or a mathematical figure.

Integrated into Liferay Portal

In September 2013, Valamis eLearning for Liferay was voted the best commercial app in the Liferay Marketplace. The solution, which is completely integrated into Liferay Portal, has now been implemented by various educational institutions and organizations, including the Dutch development organization Hivos. Componence is a business partner of developer Arcusys.

Find out more

For more information, please contact Componence via or +31(0)20 44 99 560. More information about Liferay and Valamis eLearning can be found at and