Application management
Componence has extensive experience in managing applications for its customers. Specifically within Internet technology we have a team of seven dedicated professionals. Using this team Componence serves many customers in the area of application.

Management measure
Our vision here is "management measure". Depending on the customer Componence makes specific arrangements with the customer, in doing so the service is tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. A dedicated client team performs large management tasks; aside from a permanent staff for the incident and problem management, variable scaling takes place from a customer resource pool for larger changes. The work of managing smaller orders is combined with the managing for other customers. Parts the managing of customer orders can also be offered by using our blended shoring concept. This allows Componence to offer cost effective service.

Support Desk
To report incidents Componence makes use of a Support Desk. This, depending on the specific customer demands, is reachable 24/7. Incidents are notified with our web-based issue tracking and notification for incidents with a priority 1 should also be reported by telephone.


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