By implementing web analytics software on your Web portal, Componence makes sure you get a good insight into the effectiveness of your website and how you can improve your site to increase conversion rates, and how you can realize your goals.

Website optimization / conversion

The buying behavior of consumers is changing rapidly. New technology leads to an increasingly informed consumer that is becoming more critical with respect to which product they wish to purchase. Your clients are always making new demands and the visitors of your websites expect more. Thereby taking the technical capabilities are continuously evolving, which means that websites need to be adjusted constantly. It can always be better after all. Better sales, better brand awareness and of course a user-friendly graphic interface. Optimization not only extends the life of your website or campaign, but also gives a better return on your investment because by using small resources you can increase the conversion and can raise your sales.

Componence does extensive research into how you can effectively build your site. Web analytics software, scenario testing and targeted marketing campaigns can often improve your turnover.

Search Engine Optimalization

Gaining top positions on search engines like Google and Bing is a cost-effective way to attract more visitors, thus increasing brand awareness and your sales. A sophisticated optimization campaign by Componence can achieve a lot for you in terms of keywords that are important to your business. In short, more visitors, lower marketing costs and low maintenance gives you more profitable sales.

Aside from optimizing organic search traffic there is also the possibility to advertise on search engines. Componence plans your search engine advertising campaign. In addition to generating more sales, you will also have very interesting information about the purchasing behavior of your visitors at your disposal, which will help you quickly determine who your audience is and thus increase the effectiveness of your entire campaign.


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